About us

Trustworthy crypto data solutions

Our mission

Don’t let crypto data break your business.

Our job is to help managing the risk and cost of dealing with cryptocurrency markets. We empower decision-makers, software developers, asset managers, compliance officers and risk managers with a flexible delivery approach designed around their specific needs.
We supply a wide range of services, from pricing data delivering and transaction data reconciliation, to professional-grade calculation agent services. Our calculation methods are based on index and accounting best practices complying with European “Benchmark” Regulation, “IFRS” and GAAPs requirements.

Keep the risk as low as possible.

Standardise crypto data for professional finance.

Provide trustworthy services.

The team

Koinju.io is a product of Maarkt, a young startup of blockchain and crypto economy enthusiasts coming from Toulouse/France 🇫🇷.
We are specialized in providing solutions to right data for open financial technology.

Our values


Koinju is up-to-date and fully compliant with current regulations and cryptocurrency market practices. All documentation is public and auditable, ensuring reliable homogeneity for our users.


We strive to deliver information which reflects supply and demand with a high degree of precision, giving a high-fidelity indication of the true value of an underlying asset.


Our data collection methods are designed to account for data quality issues. Fluctuations in price are representative of the real value of the underlying asset, not anomalies.

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