Out of the box and Tailored Rates and Benchmarks

Koinju provides a comprehensive suite of crypto-asset index solutions enabling creation, management and monitoring cryptocurrency real-time indices and spot rates.
We cover all client's needs, from aggregated data calculation to single and multi-assets benchmarks administration.

Calculation Agent Services

With a highly flexible approach, Koinju provide customized data aggregates and replicable indices following your methodology specifications.

Outsourced Benchmarks Administration

Koinju offers a turnkey solution to manage client's administration in accordance with BMR principles by separating the function of administrator from its own activity. This way, the client has no discretion over the index and conflicts of interest can be prevented.

Koinju's Benchmarks & Rates

Koinju provide a variety of indices following clear and transparent methodology to make them replicable and resistant to manipulation. All indices are available for business and professional usage under Koinju's licence agreement.

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Business Cases

We simplify calculation and administration processes, reducing preprocessing and processing lead time for our customers.

  • Aggregated crypto market data for custom baskets
  • Settlement price for financial instruments
  • ETF and passive management
  • Indicative Net Asset Value (iNAV) and regular NAV calculation
  • Indicative Optimized Portfolio Value (IOPV) calculation
  • Certificated data for book-keeping and accounting

Indices built on stable and reliable data sources

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500+ Market Pairs live sourced

Koinju listen to a wide-range of both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs.

99% Trade Data Coverage

Koinju's market data covers more than 99% of all trades on selected currency exchanges with an error rate on aggregated volumes or rebuilt OHLC of less than 0.1%.

1 unified API. Zero limit

Best in-class uptime and response time, also guarantees through service level agreements available for business customers.

1 µs at a time

Koinju guarantee the exactness of our timestamps compared to those provided by the exchanges with more than 98% concordance. We update and monitor 24/7 all real-time indices and spot rates with an accuracy down to the microsecond.


Compliance with regulation requirements at all stages

Risk management is a core mission of our business. That's why we are fully compliant with "Benchmark Regulation". To this end, we make all of our documentation (methodology and indices) fully transparent and operate several internal risk management processes in order to guarantee reliability and integrity in data providing

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