Data, without pretence.

We provide high-quality, independent pricing data across a wide range of diversified crypto-asset markets and derivative classes. Our data enables any type of professionals to make informed decisions around trading, valuations and risk management.


We draw on a wide variety of exchange data sources to gather a full picture of the market, and use them to build proven pricing models to meet your needs.


Our data processing and control infrastructure have been built to guarantee an On-Time Delivery of your price and index data.


Our Real-time JSON API and WebSocket are suited with any application or programming language.

Data for investment,
trading, risk and reporting

We empower decision-makers, traders, compliance officers and risk managers. We offer a flexible delivery approach designed around our client's needs.

Build faster and scale

Powerful, Reliable JSON API and WebSocket.

Extensive Documentation.

Gapless raw trade data.

Uptime and low latency.

Tech customer Support.

API Blueprint management dashboard.

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Into the wild of your needs:
Fragmented, Aggregated
or Customized data

We supply a wide range of pricing data, including settlement prices, per timeframe opening prices, closing prices, as well as evaluated prices together with trading volumes for evaluation of positions.


Fragmented exchange and market data

Ticket per market.
Trades of any market from our sourced cryptocurrency exchanges.
Candles (OHLCV) on a variety range of timeframe.
Orderbook snapshot and replay.
Coming Soon

Aggregated cryptocurrency data

Aggregated global data.
Average cryptocurrency price data : simple, vwap, twap…
Liquidity, slippage and spread across exchanges.
Coming Soon
Aggregated orderbook across markets and exchanges.
Coming Soon

Customized data

The sky is the limit!

A professional API
made for you

Built for a
variety of use cases

and index data

Cryptocurrency reference rates.
Cryptocurrency real time index.
Crypto-composite index.
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