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Making crypto data clear and cost-effective for your operations and prospect onboarding

Your pain point:
There are more and more crypto assets investors and funds and they do need a skilled administrator. But you cannot onboard them because your back office system is not designed to support crypto and blockchain data nor reconcile transactions from multiple wallets
helps you with the Net Asset Valuation and transaction reporting for your accounting, monitoring, and fund management missions. We bridge your client’s transaction data with compliant fair historical market value directly into your accounting software

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Without Koinju

  • ⚙️ High cost of data ingestion and aggregation
  • 🧮 Manual maintenance and calculation
  • 🔧 Technical risks
  • ⏳ Time-consuming data reconciliation

With Koinju

  • 📒 Suitable data products built on trades and order book feeds
  • 🦾 All you have to do is provide your parameters, we will automate the rest
  • 📊 Work smarter using one single user-friendly interface to bridge historical and real-time data
  • 🔑 Standardized and fully compliant data format based on our proprietary referential and the Digital Token Identifiers’ Registry ©

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